William Winant Releases
*William Winant plays percussion on all recordings unless otherwise noted.

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ROSCOE MITCHELL"Bells for the South Side" featuring Hugh Ragin, Tyshawn Sorey, Tani Tabal, Jaribu Shaid, Kikanju Baku, Craig Taborn, James Fei, and William Winant. ECM RECORDS #ECM 2494/95..

LISA MEZZACAPPA "Avant Noir" featuring William Winant, John Finkbeiner, Tim Perkis, Jordon Glenn, Aaron Bennett. Clean
Feed Records #CF401cd..

RICHARD PINHAS "Reverse" with Merzbow, Oren Ambarchi, and William Winant. Bureau B Records, cat. BB 249



WADADA LEO SMITH "Ocean of Storms" with Tania Chen, Henry Kaiser, and William Winant. Fractal Records #2016-064.

"Megasonic Chapel" with Soo-Yeon Lyuh, Henry Kaiser, Tania Chen, Danielle DeGruttola, and William Winant. Fractal Records.

JOAN JEANRENAUD "Visual Music" featuring William Winant, and PC Munoz.

LOU HARRISON "Music for Harp" Karen Gottlieb, harpist. William Winant percussion. Featuring the harp and percussion music of Lou Harrison. INNOVA Recordings, Innova927.



JOHN ZORN - "Fragmentations,Prayers and Interjections" the orchestral music of John Zorn. Featuring 83 handpicked new music masters conducted by David Fulmer. Tzadik #TZ 8315.

Roscoe Mitchell, James Fei, William Winant

ANNEA LOCKWOOD "Ground of Being" Recital Seven (self published)

DUE in 2014 - a new recording of David Rosenboom's epic work for solo percussion with live electronics "Zones of Influence" on the Pogus label. Also a new recording on the Rogue Art label out of France, Roscoe Mitchell's trio "Angel City" featuring James Fei, William Winant and Roscoe Mitchell.



WILLIAM WINANT "Five American Percussion Pieces" - William Winant's first solo recording of new works for percussion by James Tenney, Michael Byron, Lou Harrison, and Alvin Curran, with notes by Peter Garland. Poon Village Records.

SECRET CHIEFS 3 "Book of Souls" - Folio A" ten years in the making, part one of a two CD set. Featuring William Winant on percussion. Web of Mimicry #WoM 043.

JOHN CAGE "The 10,000 Things" - featuring William Winant's recording of "27'10.554" For A Percussionist 1956" the first solo percussion work ever written, 3 years before Stockhausen's "Zyklus"!
Nominated for a GRAMMY in 2014 for Best Chamber/Small Ensemble Perfromance! MicroFest Records #MF 1

Eclipse Quartet with William Winant featuring new works for string quartet and percussion by Zeena Parkins/James Tenney/Frederic Rzewski. New World Records. #80740-2

Music for Werner Herzog's " Encounters At the End of the World" Music by Henry Kaiser, David Lindley, and William Winant. Fractal Music #2013A

ALVIN CURRAN "Shofar Rags" - featuring William Winant/Arnold Dreyblatt/Michael Riessler. TZADIK #TZ8176.

Roscoe Mitchell "NOT YET six compositions" - featuring William Winant performing a live version of "Bells for New Orleans" for solo bells. As well as two new chamber orchestra pieces "Nonaah" and "Would You Wear My Eyes" MUTABLE MUSIC.



David Rosenboom "Roundup Two" - Selected music with electro-acoustic landscapes (1968-1984). Art into Life Records #001.

Annea Lockwood "In Our Name" - New works by the american maverick featuring William Winant, David Behrman, Tom Buckner, and John King. New World Records #80729.

Jacqueline Humbert & David Rosenboom "Daytime Viewing" - 1979-1980. Unseen Worlds # UW10.

GRATKOWSKI/BROWN/WINANT + Gerhard E. Winkler "Vermilion Traces" - live from Donaueschingen Festival 2009. Leo Records #LR 653/654.

JOHN ZORN "Music and it's Double" - featuring William Winant with the TALEA ENSEMBLE playing Zorn's unique cello concerto "A Rebours". Fred Sherry cellist. TZADIK #8092

David Rosenboom "In the Beginning" - New World Records # 80735-2.

David Rosenboom "Life Field" - retrospective selections 1964-2004. Featuring William Winant on two important early works, "Continental Divide" and "Pocket Pieces". TZADIK #TZ 8091.

Zeena Parkins "Double Dope Down" - film music of Zeena Parkins. TZADIK #TZ 7522

COSA BRAVA "The Letter" - Fred Frith's latest rock band featuring Carla Kihlstedt, Zeena Parkins, Shahzad Ismaily, Matthias Bossi, and William Winant guest percussionist. INTAKT Records #CD 204.



CHRIS BROWN with WILLIAM WINANT percussion "Iconicities" - New works for percussion with live electronics by Chris Brown. New World Records #80723-2.

Roscoe Mitchell "NUMBERS" - featuring William Winant's recording of Roscoe's solo for orchestral bells and tubular bells "Bells for New Orleans" and a new duo for alto sax and percussion "WR/CZA opus 1" Rogue Art # ROG-0036.

Secret Chiefs 3 Traditionalists "Le Chanson de Jacky"" - (Scott Walker cover) 7" vinyl, with Mike Patton, William Winant, Trey Spruance, Jason Schimmel and Timb Harris. Web of Mimicry Records.



Weasel Walter Septet "Invasion" - with Weasel Walter/Henry Kaiser/William Winant/John Lindberg/Vinny Golia/Damon Smith/Liz Albee. UG EXPLODE Records # UG 37.



Weasel Walter "Large Group Performances 2007-2009" - UG/EXPLODE Recrords.

David Rosenboom "How Much Better if Plymouth Rock Had Landed on the Pilgrims" - (1969-71). New World Records #80689-2.



FRED FRITH - “Back to Life” new chamber works, written for and performed by WILLIAM WINANT, with Steve Drury, and cellist Joan Jeanrenaud. Tzadik Records #TZ 8045.

"The Mirror World" - (for Stan Brakhage) by Larry Ochs; featuring ROVA Saxophone Quartet, with GINO ROBAIR and WILLIAM WINANT percussion (special sextet), and Orkestrova. Metalanguage / MLX 2007.

“A PERFECT PLACE” soundtrack by MIKE PATTON - to a film by Derrick Scocchera. William Winant and Danny Heifitz percussion on (1) and (9). Ipecac Recordings/ IPC100.

“STRANGE TOYS” - by JOAN JEANRENAUD featuring WILLIAM WINANT percussion. Muisc of Joan Jeanrnaud, recently nominated for a GRAMMY in the category of solo performance without orchestra accompianment. TalkingHouse Records #THR0806-014A.

“OUTSIDE MUSIC” MUSIC OF EDMUND CAMPION - Featuring William Winant (vibraphone), and Julie Steinberg (piano) on “Domus Aurea” (2000). San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, David Milnes music director. Albany Records #TROY1037.

"TIPSY “BUZZZ” - (trip-hop acid jazz) featuring William Winant on percussions. Ipecac Recordings #IPC-103.

“WAKE” - GRATKOWSKI/BROWN/WINANT. New trio featuring Frank Grotkowski (reeds), Chris Brown (piano/electronics) and William Winant (vibes & percussions). Red Toucan Records #RT 9336.



“Lou Harrison in Retrospect” - with Nicole Paiement, Leta Miller, William Winant, and the UCSC Chamber Singers and Chamber Orchestra. New World Records #80666.

Drone and Melody - by JOSE MACEDA, featuring the William Winant PercussionGroup. Tzadik Records # TZ8043

JOHN ZORN “From Silence to Sorcery” - featuring William Winant as soloist in “Gri- Gri” for 13 tuned drums. First recording under supervision of composer. Tzadik Records # TZ8035

SECRET CHIEFS 3 “PATH OF MOST RESISTANCE” - Secret Chiefs 3 In History and Presence. Featuring WILLIAM WINANT percussion. Web of Mimicry Recordings: #WOM 027.



FRED FRITH “The Happy End Problem - music for dance, William Winant percussion, Fred Records/ReR Megacorp. # ReR/FRA 05

Estradasphere - “Palace of Mirrors” The End Records #TE077 (rock band)



Love Songs” by PETER GARLAND - featuring the Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio, Roy Malan, Timb Harris, Carla Kihlstedt, and Heather Heiss. All pieces written for William Winant. Tzadik Records #TZ 8012.


Chris Brown “Rouge Wave” - new works for instruments and live electronics, William Winant Percussion, with Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio, DJ Eddie Def, and Toyogi Tomita. Tzadik Records, # TZ8014.

“China is Near” WHITE OUT w/ JIM O’ROURKE & WILLIAM WINANT - All Tomorrows Parties Recordings. #ATPRCD 12

“Concerto in Slendro” - by Lou Harrison. New Music Works “Night of the Living Composers” CD compilation William Winant percussion. NMW records.

“Talking Drum” by Chris Brown - music for instruments and live electronics, Pogus Productions. Pogus # P21034-2



“RITUELS” - by JOHN ZORN, for voice and instruments (1998), William Winant percussion, Brad Lubman conductor,
Tzadik Records, # TZ 8011.

“BOOK OF HORIZONS” SECRET CHIEF 3 - (avant rock band), William Winant percussion, Web of Mimicry Records # Wom 014

“Eleventh Hour” - by FRED FRITH featuring the ARDITTI STRING QUARTET and WILLIAM WINANT.
Music Edition-Winter and Winter, # 910 103-2

“Lost Marbles” - by Alvin Curran with William Winant percussion, Tzadik Records, #7097.

Wendy Reid “Tree Pieces” - volume 2, William Winant percussion, Niente Records #1419.



CHIMERAS - by John Zorn for "Pierrot Lunaire" ensemble plus percussion. Featuring Fred Sherry, Stephen Drury, Ilana Davidson, Mike Lowenstern, Tara O' Connor, William Winant, and Brad Lubman, conductor. Tzadik Records #TZ7085.

VOICES IN THE WILDERNESS - Volume Two. Music of John Zorn from his Masada Songbook. Featuring versions by Medeski Martin and Wood, Rova Saxophone Quartet, Ben Goldberg, Tin Hat Trio, William Winant and Mike Patton. Tzadik Records #TZ7172-2.

STILL FALLING - by Virgil Shaw. Singer Songwriter. William Winant percussion. Future Farmer Records #49322-5922.2.

SERENADO - by Lou Harrison Featuring David Tanebaum guitar and William Winant percussion. New Albion Records #NA123.

DRUMS ALONG THE PACIFIC - Percussion music by Lou Harrison featuring the William Winant Percussion Group. New Albion Records #NA122.

HARRISON: WORKS 1939-2000 - Music of Lou Harrison featuring Nicole Paiement, UCSC Chamber Singers, The California Parallèlle Ensemble, Leta Miller, and William Winant. Mode Records #MODE122.

STILL AND MOVING LINES OF SILENCE IN FAMILIES OF HYPERBOLAS - by Alvin Lucier (Reissue). William Winant soloist music for sine waves and percussion. Lovely Music, LTD. #LCD1015.

TWO FORMS OF MULTITUDES: CONDUCTED IMPROVISATIONS - Moe! Staiand's Moe!kestra Dephine Knormal Musik. #DKM06.

WHERE'S THE TIGER? - Music by the band Casino Royale. Double Play Records #DP009.

TREE PIECES - by Wendy Reid. William Winant soloist. Frog Recordings #FR1914.



LUMINOUS AXIS - music of Wadada Leo Smith. Featuring William Winant and Ikue Mori. Tzadik Records #TZ7083.

IN THE FISHTANK - by Sonic Youth I.C.P. the EX. Featuring Lee Renaldo, Thurston Moore, Steve Shelley, Jim O'Rourke, William Winant, Ab Barrs, Han Bennink, Walter Wierbos, Luc Ex, and Terrie Ex. Konkurrent Records #FISH 9 CD.

SONGS OF NOW AND THEN - music of Andrew Imbrie, with the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players and the San Francisco Girls Chorus. Albany Records # TROY 538.

FOUR VOICE CANONS - music of Larry Polansky. William Winant solo percussion/marimba. Cold Blue Music #CB0011.

COLD BLUE - anthology of music by Budd, Lentz, Byron, Tenney and Garland. Cold Blue Music #CB0008.

LIVE-ELECTRONIC MUSIC - music by Gordon Mumma. Featuring Robert Ashley, David Tudor, and William Winant. Tzadik Records #TZ7074.



BURDOCKS - the chamber music of Christian Wolff. Featuring Christian Wolff, Gordon Mumma, Bob Ostertag, Fred Frith, Mia Masaoka, Joan Jeanrenaud, Steve Drury, and William Winant. Tzadik Records #TZ7071.

DANCING ON WATER - Marty Walker, clarinets. Music of Lentz, Garland, Fox, Fink, Cox, Byron. Cold Blue Music. #CB0005

EXPLODED VIEW - by Granfaloon Bus, indie rock. Boxkite #004

GONGS AND BAMBOOS - music of Jose Maceda. Tzadik Records #TZ7067

BOOK M - by Secret Chiefs 3, Web of Mimicry Records. #WOM-006

CREDO IN U.S. - by John Cage. Percussion quartet. Stomache ache records (7" vinyl).

UH-OH - by Tipsy. Asphodel Records (#2003). Trip-hop lounge.

INDOOR UNIVERSE - by Paula Frazer (singer songwriter) Birdman Records.



RHYMES WITH SILVER - by Lou Harrison. New Albion Records (na110cd), with Joan Jeanrenaud, and the Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio.

XU-FENG - by John Zorn. Tzadik Records. Featuring: Fred Frith, Dave Lombardo, and Chris Brown. Part of John Zorn's game pieces volume I.

NYC GHOSTS & FLOWERS - Sonic Youth. Geffen Records

ANTHOLOGY OF ELECTRONIC MUSIC 1948-1980 - OHM: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music. Ellipsis Arts...

LOST TO THE CITY - Thurston Moore Trio. featuring William Winant. Intakt Label



GOODBYE TWENTIETH CENTURY - Sonic Youth. Sonic Youth Records

THE BOOK OF ABBEYOZZUD - Terry Riley. featuring William Winant and David Tannenbaum. New Albion Records

CALIFORNIA - Mr. Bungle. Warber Bros. Records and Tapes

ELEPHANT REST HOME - Dieselhead. Bongload Records

GOOD FUNERAL WEATHER - Granfaloon Bus. Trocadero Records

BLUES FOR FALASHA - Glenn Spearman featuring The Glenn Spearman Double Trio. Tzadik



MUSIC FOR CHILDREN - John Zorn "Music for Children" performed by Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio. Tzadik

THEME PARK - Alvin Curran featuring William Winant solo percussion. Tzadik

WEIRD LITTLE BOY - featuring John Zorn, Chris Cochrane, Trey Spruance, Mike Patton and Willie Winant. Avant

SMILING PETS - v/a Tribute to The Beach Boys "Good Vibrations" - Secret Chiefs 3 "Heroes and Villains" - Forms. Sony Japan

CHARLIE - Melt-Banana

A-Zap Records


ZULFIKAR II - Secret Chiefs 3 with Eyvind Kang, Danny Heifetz, Trey Spruance. Web of Mimicry Records

NEW WORKS - Frederic Rzewski "Whangdoodles" - Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio. "To the Earth" - Willie Winant solo. Music & Arts

CENTERING - Earle Brown with San Francisco Contemporary Music Players. Newport Classic

CELLULE 75 - Luc Ferrari. Tzadik

PEERING OVER - Tom Nunn w/Edgewater Experimental Instruments Consort. Ramp Records

NON-STOP FLIGHT - Deep Listening Band with Pauline Oliveros. Music & Arts

COMPOSING A WORLD - book by Leta E. Miller & Frederic Lieberman. Willie Winant performs on cd included. Oxford University Press



GREAT JEWISH COMPOSERS: BURT BACHARACH - v/a. Mike Patton - "She's Gone Away". Tzadik

KONTAKTE - Karlheinz Stockhausen. (Recorded live in Toronto in 1978). James Tenney - piano. Ecstatic Peace, E#87

SF CHRONICLED 1990-1996 - Steve Horovitz. Ponk

PRANZO OLTRANZISTA - Mike Patton, John Zorn, Marc Ribot, Eric Friedlander. Tzadik, TZ7022

...LIKE WATER - Bun-Ching Lam. Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio. Tzadik, TZ7021

RAPUNZEL: Opera in 6 Acts - Lou Harrison. New Albion Records, #NA093 CD



CHRIS BROWN DUETS - Chris Brown, William Winant - Kanjira and Morsing. Artifact Recording, #ART1016

THE WANDERING STARS - The Wandering Stars, William Winant - timpani. NUF SED Records

NEW YORK INTERVIEWS - Phillip Micol Improvisations. Unit Records, UTR 4091 CD Switzerland

THE CHRISTMAS ALBUM - v/a. "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - The Secret Chiefs 3. Sony Japan, Sony Records, #SRCL 3723

PIECE FOR JETSUN DOLMA - Thurston Moore, Tom Surgal and William Winant. Victo Records, #VICTO CD 045

WHAT WE LIVE FOR - Lisle Ellis, William Winant. Black Saint Records, #120156-1

ONLY (Works for Voice and Instruments) - Morton Feldman, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players. William Winant - percussion on "Vertical Thoughts #5". New Albion Records, #NA085 CD

SONGS FOR THE EARTH - John Thow, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players. Music and Arts Rec. #CD915



THE SECRET MAGRITE - Larry Ochs. Black Saint Records, #120177-2 (Italy)

THE FIELDS - Glenn Spearman Double Trio. Black Saint Records, #120197-2

JOHN CAGE AT SUMMERSTAGE - Joan La Barbara, Leonard Stein, John Cage, William Winant. Music and Arts, #CD875

LAVA - Chris Brown. John Zorn - producer. Tzadik, TZ 7002

ANIMAL BEHAVIOR - Alvin Curran. Tzadik, TZ 7001

DISCO VOLANTE - Mr. Bungle. Warner Brothers, #9139632WB

TRUTH WALKS IN SLEEPY SHADOWS - S.F. Seals. Matador Records, Ole 162-2

PAK r 1/2 INCH - Ron Anderson. Rastascan

TESTAMENT: CONDUCTION #11, WHERE MUSIC GOES - Lawrence D. Butch Morris. New World Records, #80479-2



FEAR NO LOVE - Bob Ostertag. Avant 041


SCHTYX - Alvin Curran. Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio CRI CD 668



THE CODE - Steve Horowitz. William Winant - marimba. FOT Records

MUTOOTATOR - Tom Dhll. William Winant - drums. Soul on Ice Productions, SRPD01

ANIMAL ACT - Evan Ziporyn. William Winant - marimba soloist. Composer's Recording Inc. (CRI). Emergency Music Series, CD 645

YEARBOOK, VOLUME 2 - v/a. "Xu-Feng" - John Zorn Ensemble. John Zorn - prompter. Rastacan Records, BRD 009

THE PERILOUS CHAPEL - Lou Harrison. David Tanenbaum - guitar. William Winant - producer. New Albion Records, NA055CD

BEAMING CONTRASTS - Peter Scott Lewis with the Alexander String Quartet. William Winant & David Tannenbaum - percussion soloists on "Journey to Still Water Pond". New Albion Records, NA060CD

DARK BLUE CIRCUMSTANCE - Paul Dresher featuring Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio. New Albion Records, NA053CD

MUSIC FOR 17 - John Cage with the San Francisco Symphony Players. Stephen L. Musko - Musical Director. Joan LaBarbara - Soprano. Newport Classes, NPD85547

MYSTERY PROJECT - Glenn Spearman Double Trio. William Winant - trap set. Black Saint Records, 120147-2

WALK IN BEAUTY - Peter Garland. Aki Takahashi - Piano with the Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio. New Albion Records, NA052CD

KRISTALLNACHT - John Zorn, Mark Dresser - bass, Frank London - trumpet, David Krakauer - clarinet, Mark Ribot - guitar, Anthony Coleman - keyboards. Eva Records Japan, WWCX2050 or Tzadik, 7301

NANA AND VICTORIO - Peter Garland. Avant Composers Series, Disk Union Japan, Avan 012



GAMELAN MUSIC - Lou Harrison. William Winant - soloist on "Ptolemy Duple". Musicmasters Classics BMG, 01612-67091-2

ELEGY - John Zorn. Mike Patton - vocals, David Abel - violin, Trey Spruance - guitar, Barbara Chaffe - flute, David Shea - turntables, David Slusser - samplers, Eva Records Japan, WWCX2040 or Tzadik, TZ7302

BATMAN RETURNS - Danny Elfman. Warner Brothers Records, 926972-2

WHAT? - various artists on Fredrich Longberg-Holm's "VCR#3". Curious Music Records, CURIO2

FACE TO FACE - Siouxie and the Banshees cd single from "Batman Returns" Polydor Records, SHECD 21 863 291-2



ROOM - HALL OF MIRRORS - Larry Ochs - reeds, Chris Brown - keyboards and electronics. Music and Arts, CD-700

CDCM COMPUTER MUSIC SERIES volume 10 - various artists. "Composition No. 107" by Anthony Braxton, Anthony Braxton - saxophones, David Rosenboom - piano and computer music systems & "A Precipice in Time" by David Rosenboom, David Rosenboom - conductor and computer music systems, Anthony Braxton - alto saxophone, Chris Brown - keyboards, Ami Radunskaya - cello, Scott Evans - percussion, Thomas Erbe - sound rotator. Centaur Records, CRC 2110

THE THEORY OF IMPOSSIBLE MELODY - Larry Polansky. Artifact Recordings, ART1004

ANTHOLOGY OF MUSIC FOR THE 21ST CENTURY - various artists. Music of Larry Austin. Leonardo Music Journal CD Series Volume One. ISAST1

ROTHKO CHAPEL - Morton Feldman. Phillip Brett - conductor. New Albion Records, NA039 CD

FOUR MOONS OF JUPITER - Katrina Krimsky and Terry Riley. Krishna Bhatt - sitar. Fink and Starr Productions



FIRST RECORDINGS, SOLSTICE, AND ARIADNE - Lou Harrison. William Winant and Leta Miller - soloists. Music Masters CD, MMD60241X

SINGING THROUGH - Joan LaBarbara & John Cage. Leonard Stein - piano. New Albion Records, NA035CD

3RD SYMPHONY - Lou Harrison. Dennis Russell Davies - conductor, Cabrillo Festival Orchestra. Music Masters, D 70732C

FOR SAMUEL BECKETT - Morton Feldman, San Francisco Contemporary Music Players. Newport Classics, CD NPD 85506

THEORY OF MOTION - Fredrick Longberg-Holm with Anthony Braxton. A Curious Pogus Recording, CD CPI

SET OF FIVE - Harrison, Hovhaness, Cowell, Cage and Satoh. Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio, Willaim Winant - producer. New Albion Records, NA036



SNAKECHARMER - Chris Brown. Artifact Recordings, Art 1001 Add., CD Art 1001

ROOM - Room with Chris Brown, Larry Ochs, William Winant, Scott Greshorn-Lancaster. Sound Aspects Records



TREE PIECES - Wendy Reid. C.R.I. Records, FROG1004



MUSIC FOR SOPRANO SAX AND PERCUSSION - Paul Nash. Musical Heritage Society


LA KORO SUTRO - Lou Harrison. Abel-Steinberg-Winant Trio. New Albion Records



FOUR VOICE CANNON - Larry Polansky. Cold Blue Records

PENASCO BLANCO - Peter Garland. Cold Blue Records

PERILOUS CHAPEL - Leta Miller. Opus One Records






COLD BLUE ANTHOLOGY - "Marimbas in Dorian Mode" - Michael Byron. Cold Blue Music




DOUBLE CONCERTO - Lou Harrison with Muir Court Trio. TR Records



VERNAL EQUINOX - Jon Hassel. Lovely Music



CHANGING THE SYSTEM - Christian Wolf/Kryzsztof Penderecki. 7" on Stomache Ache Records

PHSAPPHA - Iannis Xenakis. 7" on Stomache Ache Records

FIRST CONSTRUCTION IN METAL - John Cage. 7" on Stomache Ache Records

JUST ANOTHER ASSHOLE - various artists. Track #5 Stranger in a Strange Land, #ALP39

ALBUMS #7, 8 & 9 - Caroliner

IDIOT FLESH - Idiot Flesh. Rock Against Rock